Possibilian Ventures backs transformative ventures at seed.

Combining VC, founder, and impact experience we offer unique support to our portfolio, co-investors, and community.

The best ventures will define our future. We help that happen.


Experience and networks for finding, funding, and supporting future-defining ventures from the start.

Michael Lewkowitz

20 years focused on social, systemic innovation through building, operating and advising ventures and funds in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, digital health, and distributed systems.

Karim Harji

15 years focused on impact, founding a leading impact investment and advisory practice and designing, teaching, and implementing best practice in impact measurement and management.

Taylor Davidson

20 years focused on venture capital and finance as a seed stage VC and building the leading financial modelling resource and support for early-stage ventures and funds.

Defining the Future

Over the next decade, the intersection of disruptive technologies and our transition to a sustainable future will give rise to extraordinary opportunity.

Possibilian backs thoughtful founders pursuing societal innovations that increase wellbeing and sustainability by leveraging technology, platforms, and networks. We are particularly excited about opportunities in climate, finance, work, education, and wellbeing.

Collectively, these ventures represent the next generation of outlier opportunities in terms of both outcomes and returns.

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Climate change is an existential crisis born of outdated beliefs, policies, and processes. We're excited by founders who are fundamentally reconfiguring energy, buildings, and transportation and giving us new ways to adapt and accelerate toward a climate-friendly future.


Finance is increasingly participatory and purposeful. We're excited about founders building solutions across finance, insurance, and investment that empower people, build inclusive wealth, and give each of us more ways to participate and contribute to the world around us.


The need to create and collaborate is an inherent part of human society. It's what allows us to adapt and evolve, together. We're excited about founders creating ways for that to happen that are radically more personal, participatory, and equitable across all parts of society.


Our individual and collective wellbeing is society's ultimate measure of success. We're excited by founders that leverage data, interfaces, and a more holistic understanding of health to weave wellbeing into our daily lives and create communities of care that leave no one behind.


As we begin to break free from industrial models of education, we're excited by founders that unlock our innate desires to learn, share, and interact. Their solutions will break down barriers to opportunity and open us up to lives of discovery and fulfillment.

Dive deeper into our perspective on Venture & Transformation


Launched in 2021, we're looking forward to announcing our initial investments on the way to a portfolio of 100 future defining companies.

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Let us know where we should send the download link. We'll also send you occasional updates on Possibilian.

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