Possibilian Ventures is an emerging fund manager dedicated to integrating impact and venture for better returns and a better future.

We co-invest alongside mainstream VCs, filtering top-tier dealflow for the most impactful ventures. Combining VC, founder/operator, and impact experience we offer unique support to our portfolio, co-investors, and community.

The best ventures make the world better. We help that happen.

Michael Lewkowitz

Karim Harji

Taylor Davidson

Our next conversation on the State of Impact in VC:
September 2018, in New York, NY

Learn more about: UN Sustainable Development Goals | Venture for Good | The Possibilian Salon Series | The origins of our name.

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Possibilian Salon Series

A series of conversations exploring the practical intersection of impact and venture, hosted by Possibilian Ventures.

The State of Impact in VC
September 2018
New York, NY

The term 'impact' is rising in popularity among founders, investors and the venture community. But what does it mean? And, more importantly, why does it matter?

Join us for a conversation among fellow founders, operators, and investors about how impact is showing up, how to understand it, and how it relates to venture performance and returns.

Space is limited.

The State of Impact in VC

This salon series is structured as a conversation shared over a meal in an invitational, small group setting. It will be facilitated with some key prompts, but follow where the participants take it.

General Structure and Topics
Intros and intro to impact and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, exploring how they show up in VC.Impact opportunities and risks and what they mean for venture.Working with impact, in practical ways, across the venture lifecycle.

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